In Pace Onboarding your new colleague receives information about his position and about your organization. Research has shown that a large majority of new employees value training on the job and having a buddy or mentor. Pace Onboarding makes this simple to set-up. This way a new employee can start their job well informed and motivated.

There has been a hiring

You will receive a notification that someone has been hired. Create an account for the new employee in Pace Onboarding and the engagement course will start straight away. You can involve the new employee with the team in an easy and interactive way as well as asking and receiving necessary information from your new employee in return.

Welcome video

Welcome! It’s a special day for the new employee, their first day on the job. The CEO welcomes the new employee and wishes him/her good luck, emphasizing the importance of their arrival at the company and making them feel at home. Motivated and empowered they can take on the world!

Onboaring - welkomstfilmpje

Questions on expectations

Are you on the same wavelength? Ask your new employee what motivates him and what his expectations are. Use this feedback during their training.

Inform on practicalities

How to arrange for days off? When do we have a lunch break? Where can I find the coffee machine? It may all seem so obvious, but a new employee is expected to search and to ask around for the answers to these questions. Pace Onboarding has all the answers in one place. Easily add FAQ’s or jargon if you have a new piece of information to share. It may all seem so obvious, but a new employee is expected to search and to ask around for the answers to these questions.

Het onboarding proces - praktisch informeren

Meet your coworkers

Meet all your coworkers before you have even started. Know who they are and start connecting with them. As soon as their first day arrives the first move has been made. By knowing who their coworkers are from the very start they are able to contribute and take a seat at the table from day one.

Signing documents

We are living in a digital world. Why send papers back and forth while checking whether they are signed or not? In Pace Onboarding you sign on your screen using your finger. Fast, easy to check and easy to find.

 In Pace Onboarding zet je je handtekening gewoon op je scherm, met je vinger.

Pace Academy

Lifelong developing: maximize the potential of talent! Through Pace Academy employees can acquire new knowledge in a fun and interactive way. Using video you can share knowledge in a direct and attractive way. Use questions to test what employees know.

The smart statistics from Pace Onboarding provide valuable information in an instant to make more impact with starting management trainees within our organization.

Nitai Nijholt Talent Coach, People Marketing

Engagement pays off!

Reward employees gamified with credits for completing tasks and achieving goals. Credits can be spent at the Pace Onboarding merchandise store. Loading the work brand with brand merchandise contributes in a striking way to creating a community. Set the rewarded amount of credits for a task, place products in the Shop and employees can make their order.


People are central to every organization. Give HR the tools to help employees prepare better, acquaint faster and add value to the company. Data helps make solid choices with which to constantly improve the training programme.


  • Engage and inspire from day one
  • Active Involvement in the organization
  • Start Building a relationship
  • New employees feel a higher level of commitment to your organization
  • Create excitement and enthusiasm for the first day on the job


  • New employees know what is expected of them
  • They can start straight away
  • Puts new employees first
  • Ability to measure their progress
  • Insight in employee satisfaction levels
  • Automates administrative tasks
  • Reduces paperwork


  • Ensure that it feels like a positive step for both parties
  • Look back and reflect on achievements
  • Share valuable insights and gather feedback
  • Make the employee that is leaving feel supported
  • Keep in touch

As good as HR on their best day, every day

  • Faster and better training

    A quick start. Structured way of sharing uniform information. Reduced loss of time.

  • Decrease paperwork

    Paperless & AVG- proof communication. Share documents and files with the team or department using a safe, digital environment.

  • Increase retention

    Improve the training experience. Ensure a hospitable welcome and create employees who have heart for the organization.

  • Valuable statistics

    Make informed decisions. Easy-view data and statistics. Valuable information with a large impact.

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