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The challenge

Administrative tasks such as signing documents for the delivery of work and safety equipment had to be handled manually. Different versions of existing documentation made dealing with paperwork harder than it should be. Different onboarding procedures per department, roles and tasks between business and HR were unclear. Also, the ‘essential’ trainings were missing here. Lack of insight for management and CEO’s in the goals of Total Gas & Power Netherlands had a negative impact on the organization.

The solution

Pace Onboarding has fully digitized reading and signing of documents. Documentation is stored centrally and uniformly. Responsible employees can digitally safeguard the onboarding journey – including ‘essential’ trainings – for a new employee per department, per job title. Directors and business managers share their vision, strategy and mission through video’s and vlogs for uniform communication throughout. Periodical and automated feedback moments further optimize the onboarding process.

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Onboardingsoftware Total


The decrease in HR's administrative burden gives more room to focus on personal attention and other tasks

Improved processes for recruitment, selection and onboarding based on continuous feedback contribute to the optimal functioning of every business organ.

The unambiguous 'look and feel' of documents, e-learning and 'smoelenboek' ensures that everything is on the same line.

Good talent is scarce, our people are our most important asset. With Pace Onboarding we have implemented a digital onboarding program where matters such as a happy candidate journey, reduction in HR administration and positioning Total as a 'work brand' have become reality.

Onboarding software Total
Josephine van Dillewijn HR Business Partner, Total Gas & Power Netherlands

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