Reduce staff turnover & brand-merchandise store for community building

The challenge

In the ever-changing world of student employment high exit rates are a given. Lack of consistent recruitment, selection and onboarding at the decentralized franchises led to the search for an app that can be deployed for the whole organization.

The solution

Mapping of important touch points in the pre-, on- and offboarding phases gives management valuable statistics. Continuous evaluations led to better results and more retention. Uniform management information for franchise entrepreneurs and team managers has made supervising the decentralized franchises more effective. Community building is greatly increased by the use of brand merchandise, to be earned through credits in the Pace online webshop.

Onboarding software
Gamification in onboarding



Retention gains in the first 10 days.


Higher participation on selection days.


Time savings in how fast employees are profitable.

With Pace Onboarding, we have mapped the 'job applicant journeys' and implemented a digital onboarding program for our employees, within our decentralized franchise organization. As a result, we generated many 'quick wins' on the return on our recruitment activities. We’ve also managed to get a firm hold on the success steps that every fundraiser needs to take to get the best out of himself.

Software voor People Marketing
Christophoor van Ginneken Franchise Entrepeneur, People Marketing

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