Pace Lab was founded with the objective to create people oriented software to be used in the rapidly digitized HR market. The software is built on a self developed solid platform which has proven its success. Our main focus is design, our objective a beautiful and user friendly interface.

Our team

We develop our own software with a team that consists of a designer and several developers who each have their own speciality. With our ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality as well as a team of in-house HR specialists we are able to help our clients make the difference.

  • Redeeet Nagate - Pacelab

    Redeëet Negate

    CEO & Co-founder
  • Dennis smit - Pace Lab

    Dennis Smit

    Front-end developer
  • R

    Rick Karens

  • Jeroen Heijmans

    Jeroen Heimans

    CHRO & Co-founder
  • Joost de Zeeuw

    Joost de Zeeuw

    Customer Success Manager
  • Kasimir den Hertog - Pacelab

    Kasimir den Hertog

    CTO & Co-founder
  • Thom Wensink

    Thom Wensink

    Front-end developer
  • Nina Burgzorg Pace Lab

    Nina Burgzorg

  • Karlijn-Terheijden

    Karlijn Terheijden

    Compliance Officer
  • Sherwin Lemmen

    Sherwin Lemmen

    Back-end developer
  • Jonai Tan

    Customer Support


Does working on beautifully designed software, built with ‘cutting edge’ tooling in an international team appeal to you? Send us an open application, we’d love to invite you for a cup of coffee!

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