Pace Lab was founded with the objective to create people oriented software to be used in the rapidly digitized HR market. The software is built on a self developed solid platform which has proven its success. Our main focus is design, our objective a beautiful and user friendly interface.

Our team

We develop our own software with a team that consists of a designer and several developers who each have their own speciality. With our ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality as well as a team of in-house HR specialists we are able to help our clients make the difference.

  • Sherwin Lemmen

    Sherwin Lemmen

    Back-end developer
  • Karlijn-Terheijden

    Karlijn Terheijden

    Compliance Officer
  • Jonai Tan

    Customer Support
  • Dennis smit - Pace Lab

    Dennis Smit

    Front-end developer
  • R

    Rick Karens

  • Nina Burgzorg Pace Lab

    Nina Burgzorg

  • Thom Wensink

    Thom Wensink

    Front-end developer
  • Joost de Zeeuw

    Joost de Zeeuw

    Customer Success Manager
  • Redeeet Nagate - Pacelab

    Redeëet Negate

    CEO & Co-founder
  • Jeroen Heijmans

    Jeroen Heimans

    CHRO & Co-founder
  • Kasimir den Hertog - Pacelab

    Kasimir den Hertog

    CTO & Co-founder


Does working on beautifully designed software, built with ‘cutting edge’ tooling in an international team appeal to you? Send us an open application, we’d love to invite you for a cup of coffee!

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